Welcome to American Harmony the movie Blog

Hello and welcome! We are excited to launch American Harmony the movie blog.

Here you can track the progress of American Harmony, read the latest news, communicate with others, and help bring the film to your community

Information regarding the upcoming theatrical release of American Harmony will be begin being posted soon. An interactive site with all release dates and cities across North America will be posted to this blog on Tuesday Jan. 20th.

Thank you for supporting our film and we look forward to seeing you at the theater!

All Barbershop Chapters please click on the category “BARBERSHOP CHAPTERS” to read posts and access the forum designed for you!

-American Harmony team


10 responses to “Welcome to American Harmony the movie Blog

  1. I look forward to doing what I can to promote the movie and Barbershop Quartet Singing.

    Jay Hawkins

  2. Hello …

    We are looking forward to promoting this movie in the Northeast. I must admit that we are still confused as to how to help, so we are still a “holding pattern” awaiting more info. I read the FAQs but only end up more confused.

    If a holding pattern is where I need to be, then we will wait patiently, but if you can give us better direction, that would be great !

    Michael Klein
    NED VP, Marketing
    Lowell, MA Chapter

    • Hi Mchael Klein,

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention and posting it on the blog. I imagine if you are confused then you’re not alone – other chapters will have similar questions. The website will launch tomorrow and once that happens we are ready to start moving forward and planning distribution in each of the approximately 100 cities that have chapters who have pledged their support so far.

      Please let me know what you are specifically confused about. I’ll post a more thoughtful response here (so that all can benefit from your questions) and then I’ll follow up with a phone call on Thursday (if that works for you).

      Please also email me your phone number and best time to reach you at aengus.james@tijat.com

      In harmony,
      Aengus James

  3. I am the PR and marketing VP for my chapter in Ocean County, NJ. We are thinking about possibly promoting the movie and selling vouchers during our annual spring concert performance on May 2. (1) How many ticket vouchers do we have to commit to selling in order for you and your team to give us a commitment to show the film in our area? (2) We would like to promote a day in mid-June to show the film. Is that possible? (3) Is there a flat usage fee charged by you for the showing of the film which ultimately sets the unit cost of tickets? For example, if you charge $3000 to license one showing of the film, and we commit to sell 500 tickets, we need to sell the tickets for $6 to break even, and if we charge $10 per ticket in that same scenario we would profit $4.00 for each ticket. Is that how this works? I eagerly await a reply directly or though a posting on the blog; I think your film offers a great opportunity for membership promotion, but before I can present this idea to our Board I need the information requested. If you prefer to call and talk, my mobile phone is: 732-664-2116

    Barry Burke
    Lakewood, NJ

  4. I am a former member of the Vocal Majority now living in Westlake Village, CA. When will a theatrical release be coming to Thousand Oaks or Westlake Village?

  5. just need to know if this movie contains anything a 6 year old shouldn’t see… it looks great…just need to know if I can take the whole family? or just a date w/ the wife. thanks

  6. Americana at its best.
    Would like to purchase a DVD.

  7. I could watch this all day…every day…I was already hooked on Max Q…but when I heard OC Times sing Come Fly with Me, I was even more hooked! I want the DVD so I can watch it over and over and over…etc…

  8. Some of the ladies I sing bass with in the Piney Hills Harmony Chorus from Ruston, LA and I saw the movie when it came through Shreveport, LA. I’m glad it’s out on DVD now so the ones who didn’t get to go can see it one night during rehearsal.

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