BHS Chapters,

Welcome to the American Harmony blog –  the documentary film about your hobby and society.  Making this film took over three years to complete and countless hours of work. It has been a long but truly amazing journey and one that we will never forget.  The music, brotherhood, and artistry of your organization at large and the thousands of you who we met have inspired us tremendously.  We hope you are as proud of the film as we are.  By releasing this film, we hope to let the rest of the world in on the joys of barbershop harmomy.  With your help, we believe we can expose barbershop to many thousands of people all across North America, and even the world.

Currently, we have around 30 chapters who are pledging enough tickets to allow the film to have at least a one week screening and over 70 chapters who are pledging enough tickets to do a single, double, or weekend screenings.  The more chapters that come on board and the more tickets pledged and sold, the more money the distributor can spend on marketing both locally and nationally.  With broad support from the chapters, we will be able to expose many many thousands of people to barbershop music.

American Harmony is going to begin distribution in theaters across North America in the spring of 2009.  Many of you have already filled out the survey on the bhs website.  If your chapter has not registered and would like to partner with us in bringing the film to your city, please do so by going to and click on the survey next to the American Harmony logo.

If you have already taken the survey, It would be most helpful if your chapter could identify the following:

1- What city or town is best suited for your chapter and it’s members for the film to premier in?

2-What date (day or week) would you like the film to premier?  (The film will be available for theatrical release beginning at the end of February and concluding theatrically at the end of June.)

3-Are there other chapters in your area?

4-For those chapters who are pledging less than 300 tickets, do you have any inexpensive local venues in mind where we could arrange a screening (the place you practice, a theater you have a connection with, other venue)

Please reply directly to this post by clicking on the “comments link” at the top of this article  (this is immediately under-neath the message heading).  Please include your phone number or email address on your reply so that we can then contact you directly to go over the specifics and answer any questions you may have in detail.

With 109 chapters already on board (and climbing) we have realized that many of your questions are shared by the other chapters.  That is why we have built this blog – this forum is a place for us all to communicate with each other – for you to ask questions, offer suggestions/ideas, read about what other chapters are doing to distribute the film, and hear back from us – the filmmakers and the distributor re: your questions.

Have a question?  Go ahead and respond directly to this message.  Have a suggestion or comment for us or other chapters?  Share it here so that us and other chapters can benefit from your ideas and experience.  This site will help us all communicate, organize, and promote this film and barbershop to the public.

Of course, as always, you are welcome to email us directly at or call Aengus James directly at 323 932 6311 but we certainly want to encourage you to take advantage of this blog.

Thank you in advance for supporting American Harmony.  Together, we can spread barbershop harmony far and wide.



  1. First, a special request. We are arranging to do a “tag workshop” at a 3-day a cappella festival in Virginia the last weekend in March. I would like to see if the organizers are interested in having us do a screening of American Harmony at this event. However, I would have to make this proposal soon if we are to get on the program, and they are to add this screening to their promotional materials. Please contact me about what (if anything) we can promise.

    Second, we are a very small chapter, and ours would be a one- or two-screening situation. I have a lot of experience in putting on films in my county, getting non-theatrical licenses and whatnot. I am familiar with a lot of local venues. What I would plan on is renting our small local movie theatre (yes, they do still exist) , which doesn’t cost much, and also putting on a screening at the theatre at our local community college, in conjunction with the music department and their film club.

    The theatre is in Leesburg, VA, and the college is in Sterling, VA. However, substantial lead time is needed to set these things up, and I will also need some more extensive promotional material than I have seen so far, in order to “sell” the project. Perhaps such materials are now available on the web, but I have not yet found them.

    We would like to do screenings in April, except for the aforementioned festival screening at the end of March.

    • Thanks Timothy!
      The distributor is open to doing a screener for the a cappella festival. What price were you thinking to charge for tickets/admission?
      As for the screenings hosted by your chapter, that sounds great! We will be providing you with movie posters and some flyers – as well as more flyers will be avaiable for downlowd on our website. Those materials are being finalized and will be viewable beginning next week. All posters will also come with a graphical sticker advertising your local chapter as the sponsor for the screening. Movie posters will be available to be sent in mid-February. Also, you’ll need vouchers/tickets to sell for the screenings. We will be providing these as well and they can be available with one weeks notice. The first step for you to do, since you are talking one or two screenings, is to look into pricing for a specific venue and to pick a date. Then we can include that information on the marketing materials and get them to you.

    • hi timothy,
      so sorry the film could not be included in the tag workshop. we are finalizing the music clearances which need to be done before we screen to the public.
      we would love to bring the film to leesburg. richard and i will be putting together the marketing materials this week and next. i’ll then post them on the blog. anything you can do to help bring us to leesburg would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much for your interest and sorry for the delayed response.

  2. Well this is exciting! I want to see the film, and I’m wondering what kind of involvement you’re getting from SAI. I’m in the Kanas City Chorus, and we happen to rehearse in a mall that shows indie films all the time. Membership in my chorus alone is about 140. Heart of America (BHS) is here too. Can you give me some info as to how I would go about getting them to play it? Or maybe you guys could contact them directly. There are a lot of barbershoppers in this town, guys & girls, and I imagine they would be excited to see the film.

    I know summer is a long way off, but have you thought of screening it at Harmony University, in July?

    • Hi Wendy,
      Thank you for writing in to the blog.
      We would love your chapter to help promote the film. Can you email me your phone number and I can give you a ring early next week and discuss? I’m at
      We are in the process of designing a promotion for SAI. I hope to speak to someone on the board either today or tomorrow. One cool thing for SAI chapters is our editor, Kate Amend (who has edited two Academy Award winning documentaries), has always wanted to make a documentary on SAI. If this film does well, we believe that will finally happen as well.
      Thanks for your support,
      Aengus James
      We will be announcing a big promotion in the coming days and we hope that all barbershoppers will support the film. Please check back to the blog early next week for more info.

  3. Maggie McLoughlin

    Why not include Sweet Adelines in this?

    • Hi Maggie,
      Thank you for writing in to the blog. We hope very much that SAI will help promote the film. I am going to contact the board and let them know all about the film. In fact, our editor, Kate Amend (who has edited two Academy Award winning documentaries), has always wanted to make a documentary on SAI. If this film does well, we believe that will finally happen.
      We will be announcing a big promotion in the coming days and we hope that all barbershoppers will support the film. Please check back to the blog early next week for more info.

  4. We, the members of the Durango Narrow Guaage Chorus, are interested in helping to promote your movie. We have two local theaters, owned by Translux, headquartered in Park City Utah. Their CEO, Nat Brant,phone number 818-623-1021, seems unresponsive or disinterested in a local showing. There are some places like the Durango Civic Center, Diamond Circle Theater, The arts center, ect that have some capacity to show the movie if we could provide the screen and projector. We are closely asociated with the Farmington, New Mexico Chapter, and they would also like to promote it in Farmington. We would like some direction on where we can go from here. Thanks, True Kirk, President 970-247-4595

    • Hi Kirk,
      Thanks so much for your post and for supporting the fim. I will give you a ring early next week and we can discuss how to best bring the film to Park City.
      All the best,
      Aengus James

  5. I am a member of BHS but currently not active with a chapter. I live in Williamsburg, VA which until a few years ago had an active barbershop chorus and there are a dozen or so members of other choruses based in Richmond, VA who live here and commute 1 hour to sing in the nearest choruses. When a barbershop chorus performs in Williamsburg it usually gets a fairly strong turnout so I think a screening of the movie could sell something like 100 tickets or maybe more. I would like to see if there is a way I can host a screening of the film here in Williamsburg which also has a large retirement community that is attracted to barbershop music. There are a few possible venues – the Williamsburg library runs a music series in a theater that seats about 300. There is a theater run by Colonial Williamsburg that shows art films both in their main theater (approx 400 seats) and in a small screening room (25 or 30 seats). The College of Williams and Mary has a theater and other music performance venues that could work, plus they have a couple of a capela student groups on campus. The local community theater run by the Williamsburg Players seats 100. If you are interested in screening the film in Williamsburg please let me know what would be required to arrange this. Thanks!

  6. Just got this from my wife Annette — the trailer looks fantastic. I’ve forwarded the announcement trailer URL to the Ontario District list.

    Hopefully we can get a local showing booked — I can’t wait!!

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  8. Hello,

    I am on the executive of the Capital City BHS chorus in Ottawa Canada. We are interested, but there has been no specific information released that you are ready to actively distribute the movie in Canada. I know you have distribution rights here, but that is not the same as actively promoting it up here as you are doing in the U.S.
    Ottawa has a couple of independent, repertory cinemas that would be ideal venues, but they book their movies months in advance. We also have your standard multiplexes. Please advise what your specific plans for Canada are.

    Thanks Doug Yonson

  9. Bring it to europe,too!

  10. I was a member of SPEBSQSA singing in a quartet and chorus for 10 years. From the trailer alone this seems like an amazing vehicle to expose the great unwashed masses to the world of a cappella 4 part harmony singing. I live in the great Chicagoland area and would love to know when and where a screening of this movie is going to take place.

    Great job! Thanks very much!

  11. Dear Mr. Aengus,

    I have 3 or 4 chapters interested in promoting the American Harmony movie. I was under the impression the movie was only available through June. It this is not true then we have more time to prepare. At any rate, I have 4 or 5 people who have questions and would like to have an audio conference with you at some designated time. I have personal access to an audio conference provider, Ready Talk, and we could set up a meeting so all of the people who have responsibilities in their chapters including the one who is the District Recruiting Director could get us started toward a showing in our area and perhaps the whole district. The questions I have are fairly simple: Does the movie need to be shown in a regular theatre or could it be shown in a high school or community college theatre? What price are the tickets and do we share in the profits the film makes? What are the services your organization provides to help us promote the film? The area has 75 to 100 members total from the different chapters. We think the film will be a great boon to Barbershopping in this area.

    Please respond by email or telephone if this is a request you or your assistant can provide us.

    Thank you, Wil King

    PS. this is a second request

  12. I would like to present this to my chapter’s board on Tues May 26th but need some more information.
    – Are we too late to get involved and still set a date far enough in advance to do good advertising?
    – I remember reading somewhere on-line about how the process worked for a chapter to commit to sell a certain number of tickets and to find a theater to show the film, but I can’t find it now.
    – Is there anything else my chapter would have to do, or any other info you can give me to help my board make the decision to participate?
    There is another BHS chapter here in Colorado Springs, one 45 minutes south in Pueblo, plus an SAI chorus in both places, so I think we could sell a good number of tickets. My chapter’s spring show last month sold almost 400 tickets. I do shift work, so it’s hard to know when to call me, so e-mail is probably the best way to contact me.

  13. Brian Sanderson

    Please advise what further action I should take to get the American Harmony Film to our Chapter – The Winnipeg Golden Chordsmen. I am the contact person and have registered our chapter. We have found a venue that may be suitable. It is The Winnipeg Art Gallery and they have a theatre that holds approximately 400 people. I have not heard anything for some time now and would like an answer to get to our members and executive.


    Brian Sanderson

  14. I am a member of the Richmond Virginians–the local chapter of BHS. Last Feb./Mar. we registered with a pledge of 500 tickets. We really haven’t had any followup to make this happen. WHAT’S GOING ON?

  15. Klaus Ulrich Gschwind

    Hi American Harmony,
    after singing in a BS-quartet since the mid -70s for more than 10 years I founded a men´s BS-chorus in 1988 and directed this chorus for about 18 years.
    My question is whether it´s possible to present the movie in Bremen, Germany. Bremen (500,000 inhabitants) is known as the city with the highest number of a-cappella-groups in Germany, related to the number of inhabitants. Two BS-chorusses and some 5 or 6 quartets are currently busy. So I thought that there might be an audience for a little number of performances in a small movie theater.
    Is the movie availible in digital format?
    What are the costs for this idea?
    Thanks for getting a response to my questions.
    In harmony
    Klaus Ulrich Gschwind

  16. hopefully it is a movie that a lot of benefits.

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