A forum for local barbershop chapters, the filmmakers, and the distributor to organize theatrical distribution and promote barbershop harmony.


BHS Chapters,

Welcome to the American Harmony blog –  the documentary film about your hobby and society.  Making this film took over three years to complete and countless hours of work. It has been a long but truly amazing journey and one that we will never forget.  The music, brotherhood, and artistry of your organization at large and the thousands of you who we met have inspired us tremendously.  We hope you are as proud of the film as we are.  By releasing this film, we hope to let the rest of the world in on the joys of barbershop harmomy.  With your help, we believe we can expose barbershop to many thousands of people all across North America, and even the world.

Currently, we have around 30 chapters who are pledging enough tickets to allow the film to have at least a one week screening and over 70 chapters who are pledging enough tickets to do a single, double, or weekend screenings.  The more chapters that come on board and the more tickets pledged and sold, the more money the distributor can spend on marketing both locally and nationally.  With broad support from the chapters, we will be able to expose many many thousands of people to barbershop music.

American Harmony is going to begin distribution in theaters across North America in the spring of 2009.  Many of you have already filled out the survey on the bhs website.  If your chapter has not registered and would like to partner with us in bringing the film to your city, please do so by going to and click on the survey next to the American Harmony logo.

If you have already taken the survey, It would be most helpful if your chapter could identify the following:

1- What city or town is best suited for your chapter and it’s members for the film to premier in?

2-What date (day or week) would you like the film to premier?  (The film will be available for theatrical release beginning at the end of February and concluding theatrically at the end of June.)

3-Are there other chapters in your area?

4-For those chapters who are pledging less than 300 tickets, do you have any inexpensive local venues in mind where we could arrange a screening (the place you practice, a theater you have a connection with, other venue)

Please reply directly to this post by clicking on the “comments link” at the top of this article  (this is immediately under-neath the message heading).  Please include your phone number or email address on your reply so that we can then contact you directly to go over the specifics and answer any questions you may have in detail.

With 109 chapters already on board (and climbing) we have realized that many of your questions are shared by the other chapters.  That is why we have built this blog – this forum is a place for us all to communicate with each other – for you to ask questions, offer suggestions/ideas, read about what other chapters are doing to distribute the film, and hear back from us – the filmmakers and the distributor re: your questions.

Have a question?  Go ahead and respond directly to this message.  Have a suggestion or comment for us or other chapters?  Share it here so that us and other chapters can benefit from your ideas and experience.  This site will help us all communicate, organize, and promote this film and barbershop to the public.

Of course, as always, you are welcome to email us directly at or call Aengus James directly at 323 932 6311 but we certainly want to encourage you to take advantage of this blog.

Thank you in advance for supporting American Harmony.  Together, we can spread barbershop harmony far and wide.